Frequently Asked Questions

In answer to your main questions:

How long does it take to handle a matter?

Reactiveness and availability are crucial factors of confidence in a client-lawyer relationship.

They are a major undertaking for the Conseil Entreprises & Business' firm.

Each matter is dealt with in the shortest delays.

Emmanuel Buet's personal cell phone number (+33.631.50.69.64) and personal email address ( are disclosed. Hence, each call or message shall be immediatly replied to, or, when immediate availability cannot be envisaged, called back before the end of the day.

What are the fees and costs?

In compliance with section  11.2 of the Uniform French  Bar Internal Rules, the assessment of fees depends inter alia upon:

  • the time spent for the work done
  • the nature and difficulty of the work done
  • the importance of the interests at stake
  • the notoriety, experience and specialization of intervenors
  • the advantages and results obtained by the client as a consequence of the work done
  • the situation of the client

Works are carried out on an hourly rate basis, or, when the amount of work can be quantified beforehand, on a lump-sum agreed with the client.

Contingency fees can also, in certain circumstances, be agreed .

I need a lawyer in France. why would I contact a lawyer who is sworn in in the USA?

 Emmanuel R. BUET carries out his lawyer's activity in  France.

Yet, his professional and academic international background also allows him to counsel:

  • French clients who want to make international operations (international agreements, setting up businesses abroad)
  • foreign clients in order to assist them in the understanding and compliance with pecularities of French Law in comparision to their own applicable legal system (and in particular in comparision to Common Law).

Where is Conseil Entreprises & Business' Firm located?

Emmanuel R. BUET Esq. firm is located in SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, in Saint Philippe area (in front Le Provençal Golf Resort and in the center of the "Village d'Entreprises Green Side" located after the new commercial center Saint Philippe).

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